These masterclasses are intended for singers, soloists and choristers, male and female, who wish to improve their technique and presentation skills.

The next Masterclass is:

Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th March 2015

This masterclass is now fully booked.
Further applicants are welcome to be placed on the reserve list (currently 2 reserves)
Observers as audience are welcome by arrangement with the organisers. Contact Christine Hayward.

Peter Totterdale will be guest soloist at the Sunday Afternoon Concert (accompanist Margaret Searle).
For the past 2 years Peter has achieved 2nd place in the Senior Tenor Solo Class at the Welsh National Eisteddfod.
See him on Utube:



Terms and Application

Contact us

The tutors are:

Dr Haydn James

Haydn James holds a leading position in the world of choral conducting. This work has necessarily brought him into close working arrangements with many of the worlds leading vocal soloists and artistes. Many male voice choir choristers will have worked under him during the 9 times that he organised and conducted the massed male voice choir festivals at the Royal Albert Hall. Other choristers will know him because of the 30 years he was conductor of the London Welsh Male Voice Choir, or as the Musical Director of the Welsh Rugby Union and his role in conducting the singing at over 100 international matches. Choristers will also know him because of his published arrangements of over 40 pieces in the classical male voice choir repertoire. But Haydn James is much more than this and his status and reputation are unique and world-wide. This vast experience can be at your personal service by securing a place on this Masterclass.


Haydn James photo

Annabel Thwaite

Annabel has won all the major piano accompanist prizes, including the prestigious Kathleen Ferrier, Gold Medal, and Richard Tauber Piano Prizes. She has collaborated with renowned artists such as Roberto Alagna, Bryn Terfel, David Kempster and “Only Men Aloud!”. She is accompanist and deputy conductor of the London Welsh Male Voice Choir. She has much experience of working with Haydn James. They work well together.


Annabel Thwaite Photo


Mike Wallis. Accompanist to various school and local groups and an ex-accompanist of Hart Male Voice Choir.

Master of Ceremonies:

Christine Hayward


Christine Hayward. Singer and entertainer. Website:
Keith Owen. Singer with the Hart Male Voice Choir and the London Welsh Rugby Choir. Recent organiser of the annual 1000 voices Massed Male Voice Choir Festival at the Royal Albert Hall.


Keith Owen, tenor
John Evans, baritone
Kevin Wheeler, tenor
John Wise, tenor
Jack Salway, bass
Lawrence Anscombe, tenor
Richard Nightingale, baritone
Barry Ramsay, bass
Mike Charlesworth, bass
Eamonn O'Rourke, bass

Summary Notes:

  • This Masterclass ideally requires 10 singers and will be limited to 10 singers
  • It is intended for solo singers, and intending solo singers. Applicants may be male or female, young or old.
  • The deadline for Applications is 1 February 2015
  • The fee is £110 for the 2 days, inclusive of refreshment and snack meals. See terms for details.
  • Singers are requested to prepare in advance 2 songs to bring to the Masterclass.
  • The masterclass will consist of intensive work sessions on Saturday morning and afternoon, and Sunday morning. See schedule for detailed schedule.
  • Singers are encouraged to learn from the Masterclasses sessions of the other singers
  • A concert will be presented on Sunday afternoon at which each singer will perform to an audience of the other singers, and there will be a guest soloist.
  • Coffee, tea and light snacks and sandwiches will be included. There are plenty of eating places in the nearby Queensmead shopping precinct.
  • Observers are welcome, by arrangement, at the final concert


The Masterclass will be held at the Farnborough Community Centre, Meuden Avenue, Farnborough, GU14 7LE, tel No 01252-548383. The building is easy to see from Meuden Avenue, but getting to it is another matter. From Sultzer's Roundabout (this roundabout carries the sign "Sultzer's roundabout"), take Westmead (there is a road sign). Just before the Sports Centre, watch for a sign on the right to the Community Centre. Follow the narrow road around the perimeter of the sports centre car park, and it will eventually lead you to the Community Centre.

At Farnborough Community Centre car park. The all-day rate is £3.60. See Community Centre Car Park

By Rail
Christine's husband Keith is happy to collect those travelling by train from the nearby rail stations (Farnborough Main, which is the main line to London, Waterloo, and North Camp which is the line from Guildford/Reading).

Community Centre Community Centre

SCHEDULE (Provisional)

Each Student Masterclass will comprise 1 student being tutored for 15 minutes jointly by 2 tutors, with the other students watching.
Each student on the course will receive 3 such Masterclasses, ie 3 sessions of 15 minutes.
On Sunday afternoon each student will sing in the concert.

Saturday 28th March 2015
Coffee/tea available from 9.00am - help yourself from kitchen

Session 1
9.15-9.30a.m. group warm-up
9.30-9.45 Student Masterclass
9.45-10.00 Student Masterclass
10.00-10.15 Student Masterclass
10.15-10.30 Student Masterclass
10.30-10.45 Student Masterclass

Coffee break

Session 2
11.15.-11.30 Student Masterclass
11.30-11.45 Student Masterclass
11.45-12.00 Student Masterclass
12.00-12.15 Student Masterclass
12.15-12.30 Student Masterclass

Lunch - sandwiches, fruit, tea, coffee, soft drinks

Session 3
2.00-2.15pm Student Masterclass
2.15-2.30 Student Masterclass
2.30-2.45 Student Masterclass
2.45-3.00 Student Masterclass
3.00-3.15 Student Masterclass

Tea break

Session 4
4.00-4.15 Student Masterclass
4.15-4.30 Student Masterclass
4.30-4.45 Student Masterclass
4.45-5.00 Student Masterclass
5.00-5.15 Student Masterclass
Finish at 6.00pm

Sunday 29th March
Coffee available 9.00am

Session 5
9.15-9.30 Student Masterclass
9.30-9.45 Student Masterclass
9.45-10.00 Student Masterclass
10.00-10.15 Student Masterclass
10.15-10.30 Student Masterclass

Coffee break

Session 6
11.00.-11.15 Student Masterclass
11.15-11.30 Student Masterclass
11.30-11.45 Student Masterclass
11.45-12.00 Student Masterclass
12.00-12.15 Student Masterclass

Discussion and questions
Lunch - sandwiches, fruit, tea, coffee, soft drinks

Session 7
2.30pm Rehearsal for a group item, which will be included in the concert
3.30pm Concert. Each student will participate.
Guest Solist: Peter Totterdale, tenor
The Compere will be either the tutors or Christine

5.00pm Tea
6.00pm finish


The fee for the Masterclass is £110 for the 2 days, inclusive of light refreshment and snack meals.

Please apply on the Application Form and send by post or email attachment
(Other formats: pdf , Open Office )
Alternatively, please send the same information by e-mail, or phone.
You are welcome to telephone Christine for further information or advice if you wish, 01252-514421.

The deadline for applications is 1st February 2015

A non-returnable deposit of £30.00 is payable at the time of acceptance.

Payment may be made by cheque, credit card or Paypal.


Christine Hayward, 27 Guildford Road West, Farnborough, Hampshire, GU14 6PS.

Tel 01252-514421
Mobile: 0771-867-9245 and 0776-295-0000.

Background to these Masterclasses

Christine met the world-class Welsh tenor, Wynford Evans, many years ago when he was tutoring at the Charterhouse Summer School for Musicians. Later she began taking regular lessons from him, and in 2008 she began organising masterclasses on his behalf. She organised a series of 3 very successful masterclasses in the Farnborough area, which came to an end with Wynford's untimely death in September 2009. Those that worked with Wynford continue to mourn his loss. Christine has decided to carry on organising Masterclasses as a service to solo singers. To hear Wynford singing, click here: "While there's a song to sing."

Some photos from previous masterclasses

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